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What Happens to My Child Support Order When I Lose My Job?

An involuntary change in financial circumstances, such as losing your job, may leave you and your child in an unfair situation, especially in regard to your child support order. Follow along to understand how to go about modifying your payments and how an experienced Broward County child support lawyer of The Finizio Law Group can help you navigate this process.

How are child support payment amounts calculated in Florida?

Florida calculates a child’s expenses, such as the cost of education and medical care, and compares this with the custodial parent’s financial situation and the noncustodial parent’s ability to pay support. In addition to this formula, Florida courts will consider any other factors that they deem relevant and for the child’s best interest, such as the child’s age and health, and the standard of living that was established for the child when both parents were married.

Do I still have to pay child support if I lose my job?

Each time you do not make your court-ordered child support payment, you are in violation of the court order. Each payment you miss or do not pay in full gets added together and creates arrears, which are child support debts that you are ultimately responsible for paying. While some judges understand financial problems, especially the sudden loss of a job, there are specific procedures that you must follow to modify your support obligations.

How do I modify my child support payments?

To qualify for a modification of your child support payments, the reason you lost your job must be involuntary. For example, if you quit your job or get fired due to misconduct, you may not qualify for a reduction of your support payments. If you lost your job but are still able to work or participate in job training, the Florida court may order you to do one of the following:

  • Seek employment.
  • File periodic reports with the court detailing your efforts to seek and obtain employment.
  • Notify the court upon obtaining employment, income, or property.
  • Participate in job training, job placement, work experience, or other work programs that may be available.

If you need any assistance with obtaining a modification, do not hesitate in reaching out to a skilled Broward County family law attorney today.

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