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Florida Aviation Litigation Attorney

Specialized technical and regulatory knowledge is critical to effectively handle an aviation case. Whether the case involves the design or manufacture of an aircraft, you can depend on a Florida aviation litigation attorney here at The Finizio Law Group, P.A. to effectively handle your claim. Our firm is familiar with the key technical, regulatory, and legal issues associated with these claims, and we are here to put that experience to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about aviation litigation and how our legal team can help you.

Florida Aviation Litigation Attorney | Here to Fight for You

If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving an aircraft due to an unsafe aircraft, you need an attorney who is well-versed in aviation litigation and who understands aircraft and the aircraft manufacturing industry. We’ve helped several individuals through the aviation litigation process in the past, and we are prepared to do the same for you as well. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

Aviation Claims, Accidents & Disasters

When it comes to aviation claims, they typically stem from two types of negligence: negligent aircraft design and negligent aircraft manufacturers. You may have a valid claim if you can prove the following:

  • Aircraft designer negligence: When someone is hurt because of an unsafe aircraft design, they should be able to hold the aircraft designer accountable. As long as you and your Florida aviation litigation attorney can prove that you were hurt as a direct result of the aircraft design failing to account for safety, you should have a valid claim
  • Aircraft manufacturer negligence: There are times where an aircraft manufacturer will fail to follow a safe aircraft blueprint. It can happen out of sheer negligence or even to save time or money. If we can prove an aircraft manufacturer failed to follow the blueprint and someone was injured as a result, they should have a valid claim.

Aviation litigation cases are notoriously complex, which is why you cannot afford to hire just any attorney to represent you. Our firm is significantly experienced in aviation litigation, and we are here to put this experience to work for you.

Contact a Florida Aviation Litigation Attorney

Were you or a loved one involved in an aviation accident or disaster? If so, contact The Finizio Law Group, P.A. today to have your claim evaluated and determine how we can help you. The consultation is free, so don’t delay.

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