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What Auto Accidents Are the Most Dangerous?

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While all auto accidents are stressful, some are significantly less dangerous than others. However, each time a collision happens, there is a risk of injury. Understanding what kinds of accidents are most dangerous is essential to take precautions while driving. Though you may take all necessary steps to reduce the risk of injury, unfortunately, others may not have the same intentions This leaves you vulnerable to collisions. If you were hurt in one of the most dangerous types of auto accidents, ensuring you contact a Broward County auto accident lawyer to explore your legal options is essential to getting the justice you deserve.

What Are the Various Types of Auto Accidents?

Every accident poses risks for injury and damage, as there are a number of different factors that can influence the outcome of an accident. For example, the type of cars or vehicles involved, weather, road conditions, and speed all influence how dangerous an accident can be. However, there are certain types of accidents that are statistically more dangerous than others.

The most dangerous car accidents are off-road collisions, which occur, as the name suggests, when a car exits the roadway and collides with a number of stationary objects. For example, if a car swerves to avoid a drunk driver, colliding with a telephone pole or landing in an embankment, they can be seriously injured. Similarly, this kind of accident poses unique challenges when rescuing drivers who have crashed off-road.

Side-impact and head-on collisions are the next most dangerous kind of accident, as these occur when two cars collide. Side impact or t-bone accidents are extremely dangerous as there is minimal protection between the side of a vehicle and the passengers inside. Head-on collisions are slightly less risky, as the front of a car can absorb a considerable amount of shock, but the speed at which both vehicles travel increases the risk of severe injury and fatalities.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured?

If injured in an auto accident with another driver, ensure that your health and safety are prioritized. You should call emergency services to report the accident and request medical attention to treat any immediate injuries you’ve sustained. If the injuries are not severe, you may not need immediate treatment, but you should see your regular doctor to ensure you create a medical record after the accident. This is vital to help prove that the collision is responsible for causing bodily damage.

Once you’ve treated your injuries, you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. At the Finizio Law Group, we understand how a car accident can your ability to work and enjoy your life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help represent you and hold the negligent party responsible for their actions.

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