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If I Get Food Poisoning From a Florida Restaurant, Can I Sue?

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When you enjoy a delicious meal, whether it’s brunch with old friends or dinner with a potential business partner, the last thing you expect is to wake up sick. However, when your symptoms don’t improve, a trip to the doctor diagnoses you with food poisoning. Unfortunately, if your symptoms don’t improve, you may experience severe harm as a result. Keep reading to learn more about whether or not you can hold the hospital responsible with the help of a Broward County personal injury attorney.

What Is Food Poisoning?

When food becomes contaminated and consumed, it can lead to illness. Generally, food becomes contaminated during the cooking and preparation through a virus, bacteria, or parasite. Most commonly, a bacteria like E. coli or salmonella is to blame. However, a virus like norovirus or a parasite like a tapeworm can also lead to this illness.

These viruses and bacteria can contaminate food in several ways. This includes undercooking food, failing to properly store cooked food, eating expired food, or cross-contamination. Similarly, if the person preparing the meal is sick or does not properly wash their hands before touching the food.

Generally, food poisoning can be treated at home and lasts less than a week. However, this is not always the case, as it can quickly become severe. Those who suffer food poisoning will endure vomiting and diarrhea. If these symptoms do not improve, it can lead to dehydration, which has severe side effects, such as seizures and renal failure.

Can I Hold the Restaurant Liable?

If your illness can be linked back to the eatery where you sustained the illness, you can likely hold them responsible. To do this, you must be formally diagnosed with food poisoning and sustain substantial damages. To prove your sickness is tied to the restaurant, a DNA profile must be taken and compared to any viruses or bacteria found in food and on surfaces at the restaurant. For example, if your food poisoning is caused by rotavirus, which matches the profile of the rotavirus found in the kitchen, you can pursue compensation for the damages you’ve endured.

Damages can include medical expenses, lost wages from the time you spend missing work, and pain and suffering you’ve endured as a result of the illness.

It’s essential to contact an experienced personal injury attorney when you endure an illness as the result of a negligent restaurant. Unfortunately, many are unfamiliar with the fact that they should reach out to this kind of attorney because they assume only physical injuries like broken bones or brain damage apply.

At the Finizio Law Group, we understand that these illnesses can put your life on pause. As such, we will do everything possible to help you hold a negligent restaurant liable for the damages you’ve endured. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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