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What Outside Experts Can Help My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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When involved in a personal injury lawsuit, it’s essential to do everything possible to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you were the victim of a car accident or slipped and fell due to the negligence of a retail store, you are likely entitled to damages. As such, utilizing the skills and knowledge of outside experts can be beneficial in proving your case against the negligent party. Keep reading to learn more about these individuals and why it’s essential to connect with a Broward County personal injury attorney before making any decisions.

What Are Outside Experts, and How Can They Help My Case?

Outside experts, also referred to as expert witnesses, are those who can testify to the circumstances surrounding a lawsuit because of their expertise and qualifications in a specific subject. Generally, these individuals must have extensive knowledge and experience to be considered an expert in their field.

One of the most common outside experts involved in personal injury lawsuits are accident reconstruction specialists. These individuals will examine the evidence surrounding a car collision to create computer renderings of how the accident occurred. These can be very beneficial when determining liability for crashes.

Another expert that can be beneficial when seeking compensation for injuries is a vocational rehabilitation expert. When you cannot return to work following an accident due to the extent of your injuries, they can testify to the physical limitations you experience and how that can impact your employment opportunities. This can help illustrate that you are unable to earn as much income as you were previously.

Finally, a mental health expert can speak to the psychological damages you’ve endured as a result of your accident. They can testify about how the accident has caused you pain and suffering, as well as any anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Injury, or depression you are enduring following your injury.

Why Do I Need an Attorney if I Have the Testimony of an Expert?

While the testimony of an outside expert can be crucial, it is only supplemental information. The need for an outside expert does not negate the necessity of an attorney! Hiring a lawyer is the single most important thing you can do when you are injured in an accident, as they are the driving force between filing a lawsuit, arguing for your rights, and collaborating with experts to help prove your case.

When you need help, the Finizio Law Group is ready to take on your case. Our dedicated legal team has the experience necessary to guide you through these complex legal matters. We will do everything possible to fight for the compensation you are entitled to when you’ve suffered at the hands of a negligent party. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance.

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