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How Important Is Wearing a Seat Belt?

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Though no one drives a car anticipating getting into an accident, taking the steps to minimize the risk is essential to staying safe. This includes double-checking mirrors and blind spots before merging, driving cautiously, and wearing a seat belt. White it may slip your mind to buckle up before taking off, ensuring you utilize this safety measure significantly reduces the risk of severe and fatal injuries. If you were hurt in a car accident, a Broward County car accident lawyer can help ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Does Wearing a Seat Belt Actually Help?

One of the most prominent ways a seat belt keeps you safe is by keeping you strapped in the car. Unfortunately, many severe and fatal injuries occur when a driver or passenger is ejected from the car, resulting in head and brain damage.  However, wearing a seat belt virtually eliminates the risk of being thrown from the vehicle, reducing the risk of death.

Similarly, many injuries can occur if you and your passengers are not wearing your seat belts, as the impact of the crash can cause you and the others in the car to collide.

You may also endure more head and neck injuries as a result of not wearing a seat belt, as you risk hitting your head on the surface of the car. When secured to your seat, the straps will hold you in place, preventing your head from hitting the wheel, dashboard, ceiling, or door.

Can Failure to Buckle Up Hurt My Case?

Florida is one of fifteen states that has a contributory negligence statute for car accident cases. This essentially means that the negligent party cannot be 100% responsible for your injuries, because you contributed to the damages you sustained by not wearing a seat belt.

If you were not wearing a seat belt and a negligent driver crashed into you, your personal injury lawsuit can suffer. The state believes that an inattentive driver cannot be 100% liable for your injuries, as two collisions happen. The first happens when the driver crashes into your vehicle. The second collision occurs inside the vehicle when you are thrown into the surfaces of your vehicle due to the failure to use a seat belt.

The injuries you sustained can be severe, but you may not receive the full amount of compensation you deserve as a result of the failure to wear a seat belt.

Should I Contact a Lawyer Even if I Wasn’t Wearing a Seat Belt?

If you are the victim of a car accident, but were not wearing a seat belt, you may be hesitant to reach out to a lawyer for fear you will not receive compensation.

However, contacting a legal professional is crucial to ensuring you receive the necessary compensation for the extent of the injuries directly caused by a negligent driver.

The Finizio Law Group can help assess your case to ensure you are awarded the justice you deserve. However, we would also like to remind you to buckle up before you begin your travels.

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