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What are the Most Common Child Custody Mistakes in Florida?

Raising children is difficult, especially when the parents are in the process of divorcing. Child custody cases take a toll on all involved, making each party prone to making mistakes. If you need to learn more about what the most common child custody mistakes are in Florida, please read on, then contact an experienced Broward County child custody lawyer to discuss your next steps.

What are the most common child custody mistakes in Florida?

A large number of behaviors or actions can have severe repercussions in your child custody proceedings. Florida’s child custody laws aim to promote the best interests of the children. As far as the court sees things, the ideal situation is when both parents cooperate. The following are the most common mistakes to avoid during Florida child custody proceedings:

  • Failing to exhibit emotional control
  • Not making parental responsibilities a priority
  • Leaving harmful evidence (negative text messages, photographs, emails, etc.) behind
  • Not supporting the other parent

What are the most costly mistakes in time-sharing custody cases in Florida?

Until the child or children turn 18, child custody cases never really end. In Florida, even the firmest decisions are not set in stone. Mistakes in time-sharing can still cost a parent dearly. Engaging in domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse, unilaterally controlling the time-sharing schedule without justification, relocating without the permission of the court and filing false DCF reports can all lead to the court altering the child custody arrangement. Each demonstrates uncooperative behavior between one or both of the parents. Furthermore, Florida family courts are not concerned with whatever is most convenient with either parent. As previously stated, they are concerned with promoting the best interests of the children, before, during and after child custody proceedings.

How can I fight an unfair child custody arrangement in Florida?

To compensate for changes, Florida law allows parties to petition for the modification of custody. For a court to grant a modification of the time-sharing arrangement, the petitioning parent must provide evidence of a substantial, material and unforeseeable change in circumstances. It’s not sufficient that the child wants the change. The court will likely consider the child’s wishes, but may not give those wishes much deference. You will need a skilled Broward County family law attorney to help you avoid the most common child custody mistakes in Florida. Only qualified legal representation can fight for the most equitable outcome.

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