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I Initially Denied Medical Treatment Following an Accident. Can I Still Seek Compensation in Florida?

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When you are involved in an accident, from a car crash to a slip-and-fall in a retail store, you may be incredibly overwhelmed by the situation. As such, you may refuse medical attention as the injuries you’ve sustained don’t seem that bad. However, if you later discover you’ve experienced intense injuries, the fact that you denied medical treatment can impact your ability to recover compensation. The following blog explores these implications further and explains how a Broward County personal injury attorney can help you through these complex legal times.

Why Might Someone Deny Medical Treatment After an Accident?

There are many reasons why someone may refuse medical attention at the accident scene. In some instances, they may assume the injuries they sustained are not that severe because they could walk away from the accident. However, this could be due to the body producing adrenaline, which can mask the severity of the injuries sustained. Similarly, some injuries may not present immediately following an accident, like concussions and other brain injuries.

Unfortunately, another reason is that many people assume they cannot afford a trip to the hospital. Whether this is because they do not have insurance, cannot afford their co-pay, or are simply trying to save money, many refuse care for this specific reason.

If I Denied Medical Treatment, How Will It Impact My Ability to File a Claim?

It’s important to note that if you refuse medical treatment at the scene of your accident, you can still pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party later on. However, it will impact your ability to recover compensation, and the fact that you refused treatment can be held against you.

In some instances, the defense may claim you are not entitled to compensation since the injuries you sustained were not severe enough to warrant medical attention. Similarly, if you are awarded money, it can be reduced by your percentage of fault. Though you may have had no responsibility for causing the accident, you technically failed to mitigate damages and the severity of your injuries by failing to seek medical attention.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

If you were involved in an accident, it’s important to take the necessary steps when recovering compensation. You should seek medical treatment as soon as possible following your injury. Next, you’ll want to contact an attorney immediately to explain your circumstances. If you have not been to a doctor, they will likely advise you to seek treatment.

Refusing medical treatment is a common occurrence that can impact the outcome of your claim. As such, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these circumstances can be complex, but having a personal injury attorney from the Finizio Law Group can help you navigate these situations. Our dedicated legal team will do everything possible to assist you during these challenging times. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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