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How Do Truck Maintenance Issues Contribute to Accidents?

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Despite their large, imposing size, semi-trucks can be intimidating to drive near. However, these vehicles are vital to the nation’s economy, as they transport produce, materials, and goods all around the country. Unfortunately, accidents involving these vehicles can be catastrophic due to their size. In many instances, these can be avoided with proper care. If maintenance issues played a role in an accident you were involved in, it’s vital to understand who can be held liable. Keep reading to learn how a Broward County truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

What Are Common Truck Maintenance Issues?

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that can impact trucks. However, these are often the result of a defect or driver error. When they are the result of poor maintenance, these accidents can be even more devastating as they are often preventable.

One of the most common issues trucks can face is tire blowouts. These occur when a tire rapidly loses inflation and can be caused by a number of issues. Most commonly, tires with poor or balding tread, improper air pressure, or unpatched punctures can all lead to blowouts.

Another maintenance issue that can lead to catastrophic accidents is brake issues. Breaks are vital to the safety of trucks, so ensuring all parts related to the system are in pristine condition is vital. Unfortunately, when brake pads or lines aren’t replaced, it can cause problems for drivers. As such, they may be unable to break, which can have devastating impacts.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Poor Maintenance?

Understanding liability in reference to accidents caused by truck maintenance is vital.

Most commonly, the driver is responsible for poor maintenance. Many companies require drivers to complete a checklist before driving. If the trucker disregards the checklist or notices an issue but fails to report it to their employer, they can be held liable for the damages sustained in a crash.

Similarly, if a driver takes the necessary precautions to report the issue to their employer, but their boss fails to remedy the issue, the company responsible for the maintenance can be liable. The trucking business has a duty to fix all problems they are aware of and regularly maintain the vehicle.

Finally, third parties can be liable. If a trucking company takes the vehicle to a mechanic and they do not remedy the issue, but the mechanic clears it for travel, they can be held liable.

If injured in an accident caused by a truck maintenance problem, understanding your rights is vital. When you are hurt and need assistance, the Finizio Law Group is ready to help. We understand how accidents can impact the lives of victims and their families, so we will do everything possible to help you get the justice you deserve.

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