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Can Trampoline Parks in Florida Be Held Liable for Injuries That Occur?

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Trampoline parks have become increasingly popular over the past decade, as they are great locations for birthday parties and playdates with friends. Though many children enjoy these attractions, they are also fun for older teenagers and adults. However, these parks can be undeniably dangerous, and injuries are not uncommon. If you were injured while at a trampoline park, understanding your ability to pursue legal action with the help of a Broward County personal injury attorney is vital. The following blog explores the injuries that can occur and what your legal options are.

What Kind of Injuries Can Happen at Trampoline Parks?

Unfortunately, there are a number of injuries that can occur at trampoline parks due to the nature of these attractions. As such, serious injuries can occur. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Friction rashes
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Cuts and lacerations

These injuries can result from a number of instances. Some injuries, like sprains or bruises from landing incorrectly, are the unfortunate reality of these locations and can happen to anyone. However, others can be due to the negligence of the staff and company. For example, if a staff member assigned to a section to enforce the rules is not paying attention, someone can get hurt. Additionally, if the trampoline is not properly designed, assembled, or maintained, guests can get suffer injuries because of the company’s negligence.

Finally, more traditional injuries like slips and falls can occur if the company’s staff do not take the necessary measures to clean spills and place proper signage around hazards.

If I Signed a Waiver, Can I Still Pursue Legal Action?

In the majority of trampoline parks, you’ll need to sign a waiver for yourself or your child before you can enter. As such, if your child is injured when they collide with another child, you likely will not be able to pursue compensation.

However, in other instances, such as negligence on behalf of an employee or trampoline designer or manufacturer, you still may be able to seek justice. Essentially, if there is blatant or gross negligence present, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit despite signing a waiver.

If you’re injured, ensuring you take the necessary steps to protect yourself is crucial. As such, connecting with an experienced personal injury attorney is vital to recover the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer will review your contract and the circumstances surrounding the injury to determine the best course of action for your circumstances.

At the Finizio Law Group, we understand how complex these situations can be. Not only are injuries painful, but they can cause considerable financial stress for your family. That’s why our team is committed to doing everything possible to help you recover the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve sustained. Contact our firm today to learn how we will fight for you during these challenging times.

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