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How Are Medical Bills Paid During a Personal Injury Case in FL?

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Whether you are struck by a negligent driver or injured while walking through a grocery store, many people’s first thought is how they will afford to pay the medical bills associated with their injuries. As such, they may not receive the care they need for fear of falling into medical debt. That’s why it’s imperative to understand how these expenses are handled following an accident. If this reflects your circumstances, the following blog explores what you should know about these matters and why you must connect with a Broward County personal injury attorney who can help fight for you.

After an Accident, How Are Medical Bills Paid?

It’s no secret that the cost of medical care can be incredibly expensive. As such, if you are hurt in an accident, your personal injury protection will cover up to 80% of the medical expenses you incur if the injuries are from a car collision. If your bills exceed what your PIP coverage offers, you can rely on your health insurance, only if all care insurance options have been fully used.

If you file a claim through your health insurance, they will likely place a lien on any funds you receive from a lawsuit. Essentially, this means they will receive compensation for the bills they paid on your behalf if you sue the negligent driver and receive a settlement amount.

If I Want to File a Lawsuit, Do I Sue the Negligent Party or Their Insurance?

In some instances, the cost of medical care can be so expensive that your insurance may not cover the full expenses, and you may still be responsible for some of the costs of your accident. As such, you may want to file a lawsuit against the negligent party for the medical bills you incurred and any other damages sustained because of their negligent actions.

However, you may not know who to file the lawsuit against. Generally, you will sue the negligent party. Though their insurance will likely step in to cover the cost of their actions, the individual or entity responsible for your injuries will be the party named on the suit.

Can an Attorney Help Me Recover Compensation?

If you are injured in an accident, it’s in your best interest to connect with an attorney who can help you navigate these complex matters is critical. Unfortunately, the insurance company will try to take advantage of your naivety, offering you significantly less than you are entitled to. Because many are unsure what the value of their claim is worth, injured parties are eager to recover any funds to help these costs, meaning they are more likely to accept a first offer.

When you are hurt, the Finizio Law Group is dedicated to helping you fight for the funds you are entitled to. We will examine the details of your case to determine how much your injuries are worth and what we can do to assist you through these matters. Connect with us today to learn how we can fight for you.

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