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Am I Eligible to Sue for Daycare Negligence in Florida?

It is unacceptable for your child to be injured while under the trusted care of daycare staff. So if your child is involved in an accident due to daycare negligence, you must seek justice immediately. Read on to discover examples of daycare negligence that make you eligible to file a lawsuit and how a seasoned Broward County personal injury attorney of The Finizio Law Group can assist you in your premises liability claim.

What are typical examples of daycare negligence in the state of Florida?

When you enroll your child in a daycare, the employer and staff owe your child a duty of care. And when they breach this duty of care with negligence, an accident can be the result. And with your child incurring injuries and damages, you are eligible to file a premises liability claim. That said, below are common examples of daycare negligence that constitute a claim:

  • The daycare employer or staff fails to remove hazardous objects from your child’s reach:
    • Small objects that are choking hazards.
    • Cleaning products that are poisonous hazards. 
    • Sharp objects that can cause cuts.
  • The daycare employer of staff fails to maintain the playground premises:
    • Playground equipment is rusted.
  • The daycare employer or staff fails to maintain safe air, food, and water quality:
    • There is asbestos or mold.
    • There is spoiled or expired food.
    • There is contaminated drinking water. 
  • The daycare employer or staff fails to discard defective toys. 
  • The daycare employer or staff fails to keep your child accounted for. 
  • The daycare employer or staff fails to remember your child’s allergies.
  • The daycare employer or staff fails to regularly sanitize the premises. 

What are typical examples of daycare abuse in the state of Florida?

In addition, you must look out for signs of daycare abuse. This undoubtedly constitutes a claim, and indications of such read as follows:

  • Your child has lost a noticeable amount of weight.
  • Your child complains about extreme hunger or thirst. 
  • Your child returns home with noticeable cuts and bruises.

Am I able to sue for daycare negligence after a liability clause?

It is common for daycares to have a parent sign a liability clause when enrolling their child. Essentially, this clause waives a parent’s right to sue the daycare if their child is injured in any way.

It is important to know that you are not required to sign this clause. But if you already did, you may still have the ability to file a claim. Rest assured, a talented Broward County personal injury lawyer will help you navigate all your legal options. To ensure that the negligent daycare employer and staff are responsible for their wrongful actions, you must not hesitate in picking up the phone and calling our firm today.

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