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How Can Witnesses Help Establish Fault in a Car Accident?

police talking to witnesses after an accident

What begins as a typical day driving to work can suddenly change in a heartbeat when a negligent driver hits your car. When the police arrive, you tell them exactly what happened, only to find out that the other driver is lying to avoid assuming responsibility. However, if a witness is around to inform officers what they saw, it can help prove liability. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, speaking to a Broward County auto accident lawyer is just as crucial as understanding how witnesses can impact the outcome of your case. Read on to discover more about the value of a witness.

Why Are Witnesses Valuable?

Witnesses can make or break a car accident case, as they provide a valuable, unbiased account of what happened. This can help bridge the gap between conflicting stories, as other drivers and passersby may have no personal connection in the case. Their distance means there is no reason to lie about the events that happen.

Many accidents can become one driver’s word against another. If there was no footage of the accident, like on a business’s security camera or residential doorbell camera, it can be challenging to determine fault. Instead, witnesses can corroborate what they saw to help determine liability during a car accident settlement.

What Can Impact Credibility?

Unfortunately, not all witnesses are credible. There are several factors that can influence their perspective on an accident, making it even more challenging to get to the bottom of the accident, as their feedback may not be the truth.

For example, if a witness has poor eyesight but wasn’t wearing their glasses when they saw the accident, they may not have seen the negligent driver texting in the moments leading up to the accident. Similarly, if the accident occurred outside of a popular bar, the witnesses may have been under the influence, which could impact their memory of the accident.

Also, if the witness has a personal relationship with the negligent driver, they may lie to help protect their friend or family member. This can make it much more challenging to prove you weren’t at fault.

Do I Still Need a Lawyer if I Have Witnesses?

When involved in a car accident, understanding how witnesses can help aid your case is crucial. However, without the help of an attorney, they may not be utilized properly. A lawyer can ask the right questions to establish credibility and get their side of the story. For example, an attorney can help prove that the witness on the scene was the negligent driver’s cousin, making their story less credible.

Ensuring you reach out to a competent attorney after a car accident is vital. We understand the impact a car accident can have on your life and how essential justice is. Contact our dedicated legal team to discuss the details of your case with one of our seasoned attorneys.

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