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Elizabeth W. Finizio, Esq. Honored with the Florida Justice Association’s Cornerstone Award for 2024

Elizabeth W. Finizio, Esq. has been awarded the prestigious Cornerstone Award from the Florida Justice Association (FJA) for 2024. This award recognizes her exceptional efforts and unwavering dedication to protecting and advancing the Civil Justice System in Florida.

The Cornerstone Award is a testament to Elizabeth W. Finizio’s commitment to upholding the principles of justice and ensuring that the rights of Florida’s citizens and consumers are safeguarded. Her exemplary work goes above and beyond, reflecting the core values of the FJA.

The Florida Justice Association (FJA) is committed to enhancing and maintaining the integrity of Florida’s civil justice system, and advocates for the belief that every Floridian should have equitable access to pursue justice within the state’s judicial framework. By enforcing rigorous ethical standards on major corporations and industries, the FJA plays a crucial role in promoting consumer safety and ensuring corporate accountability.

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